• Seiji Ralph Villafranca

Angular 8 Workshop @CloudStaff Angeles Pampanga

Together with RakSquad Web Design and Development, we have conducted a 3 Day training for Cloud Staff at Angeles Pampanga, our goal for the workshop is to teach the developers about the fundamentals and basics of Angular 8 and introduce them the concepts of single page applications with Javascript and how to process rest in the client side.

The Training

It was a three day training for the developers of Cloud Staff, I've created a curriculum that would be easy for the developers to understand what is the concept of single page applications. In the industry, we know that Angular is MVW (Model View Whatever) having that there are different folder structure strategies that is being used by different companies and developers, so for our first day of training, I've introduced a simpler structure that is commonly used for developers for them to create a simpler and maintainable Angular App, I've explained what are the dependencies and what are the use of each generated files using Angular CLI . On the second day, I've elaborated the use of Angular Forms, routes, Built-in and Custom Directives and Data Binding and for the more advance part, I have taught them on how to use Observables for http requests in order to communicate with endpoints. Our finale for the training is using state management (NGXS) for Angular for a more maintainable application especially for large scale code.

The Experience

I would describe the experience in 3 words, challenging, fun and learnful, It was really challenging as it was only a 3 day training and having all my developers are new to Angular Framework and many concepts were foreign to them, so I was really challenged to create a learning strategy that would allow them understand the basics of angular for 3 days but I'm very impressed by the adaptability of the developers as they had go with the flow and understand the things I've shared to them, It was a successful result having each of the developers created their own CRUD application using Angular 8 with NGXS, I'm really impressed of the output and they have exceeded my expectations, on the other hand it was a very fun experience because hey! i get to go outside of manila to share my knowledge, I love to travel at the same time I love to teach and combining these two is a great achievement unlocked, I met new people and developers in Pampanga and it was really a pleasure for me to know that there are lot of passionate developers anywhere in the Philippines, I've also had the chance to eat at Aling Lucing's Sisig and yes the sisig is Awesome!

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