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Angular PH @ Devcon

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Yes! Angular PH was invited to on of the mini event meetup in Devcon and we get our chance to share our knowledge about angular, framework, the event happened last July 14, 2019 and i would say that this is one of my fulfilling talks having that I have the chance to share angular for starting developers having almost of our attendees our fresh and new to javascript especially on angular framework.

The Objective

the main objective of the event is to introduce angular framework for the new developers, from the basics going to the advanced topics, I have tackled the advance topics in angular like defining generic classes and interface, applying Material in Angular, at first the developers were having a series of adjustments having the application of material is quite complicated and it consists of default components that is really new to their development world but as going through the demo, they are slowly adapting to the framework.

The Finale

The developers had the chance to prove what they have learn from us speakers on the end of the event, we gave them a mini programming challenge where they would create a simple app using an angular application, and honestly, the developers were really competitive and fast learners, they have conquered the challenge and applied all the skills we have shared, Angular is not an easy to learn framework and yet, they have exceeded our expectations.

The Speakers

Mr Cj Felix, one of the pioneers and founder of Angular PH, Mr Devlin Duldulao, A Microsoft MVP and one of the greatest developers and speakers i've met, Mr Lex Caraig (not in the photo), a Pro Angular Developer and also one of the community leads in Angular PH and me a normal javascript lover.

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