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Angular PH Meetup 1

Angular PH has plotted many plans for the year 2020, a lot of events such as coding seminars mini conferences are in stored for our dev community, unfortunately, the start of the COVID 19 pandemic has made a huge impact on major tech communities here in the Philippines for not being able to conduct planned events and meetups to for developer professionals and especially students but this does not stopped our tech community to help other developers gain knowledge, with this existing problem, the tech groups have adapted to the new normal and with the big help form our existing technologies nowadays, we were able to reach out a large number of developers using social media platforms to host online meetup.

Angular PH conducted their first meetup on May 16, 2020 and I was one of the invited speakers for this event, I have talked about on how to create Angular NPM libraries and publish it on NPM for the world, I've demonstrated how to compile Angular components into an NPM library and what are the contained files for the compiled code.

The other speaker was Lex Caraig and he shared the concepts of smart and dumb components on Angular.

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