• Seiji Ralph Villafranca

Angular PH @ Venture Space

This is my first time to have my talk in Angular PH and it's a very worthwhile and full of learning experience, I had the chance to meet other Angular developers and I've really learned a lot of ideas from them and yeah we also have the opportunity to talk to John Papa on an online call, A really great experience for all the developers having the chance to have a conversation with a legend.

The Event

Angular PH is a free event from Angular PH community, and it is held every year,

the theme for this event was stateside because all of the topics chosen were related to handling data and state management,the topic i chose to share was using NGRX with Angular, I have stressed out what is the importance of state management in our application and what is the standard on applying ngrx with Angular.

The Community

Angular PH is an open community and anybody is welcome to join, we are group of developers that help fellow developers build and debug their own angular code. If you want to join our community, just search for Angular Philippines on facebook and happy coding!

All attendees and John Papa

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