• Seiji Ralph Villafranca

Angular PH Talk @Orange & Bronze

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

My talk is all about state management for Angular, I've compared the two famous state management on angular which is NGRX and NGXS.

The Event

Angular PH happens every year and angular developers are gathered together to share new technologies that will make Angular development better, this is my second time to talk for Angular PH and my chosen topic is NGRX and NGXS for Angular.

Other topics that are discussed are PWA by Stephen Vinuya, Angular Console by Jez Reel Maghuyop and Students need to know about Angular by Liza Fernandez.

The Community

Angular PH is an open community and anybody is welcome to join, we are group of developers that help fellow developers build and debug their own angular code. If you want to join our community, just search for Angular Philippines on facebook and happy coding!

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