• Seiji Ralph Villafranca

Angular Talk and Workshop @SkyLabs

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

this is my first workshop for SkyLabs and majority of the participants are students, I would say one of my great talks because students are really interested to learn web development.

The Workshop

the workshop I've conducted is to teach students basic web development using Angular Framework, at first, it was really challenging to introduce to them the framework because some concepts are new but participants have followed my coding and showed skills in programming.

I considered this one of my memorable achievements having that I was able to share my expertise to students and this is a great start for them to continue learning techs.

What is SkyLabs

Skylabs is a co-working space located at Barlin St. Corner P. Noval St. Sampaloc Manila but beyond that it is also a mentorship hub where different professional mentors are available to help in different fields. to know more about them, you can visit their website:

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