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Angular 7 Training for Xurpas Inc.

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Well, I'm also into training different companies how to develop web apps using different Javascript frameworks and this is one of my recent conducted trainings under RakSquad.

The Training

It was a two day training for Xurpas Inc. and it happened on July 13 and 19 2019, It covered the basics of Angular such as Data Binding, building directives, creating reactive forms and sending requests to endpoints. Ngxs state management is also included to teach the employees how to maintain large applications

The Experience

Well It was very challenging to teach all the concepts of Angular in two days but as one of the most effective strategies to learn programming is coding it while learning, so my basic goal is to create a CRUD application where we can apply all the basic concepts of Angular Framework and successfully, all the employees created their first angular web app. this was a great experience knowing that you are a major part of a growth of a company and it is a fulfillment for a developer to show new techs that will make development faster.

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