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Node JS and React Next @Xurpas

I was invited again for the second time at Xurpas Inc. and this time, I was invited to talk about how to be a MERN stack developer, to further explain, a MERN stack simply means Mongo Express React and NodeJS and yes, it's a full stack javascript developer, and honestly, It's really easy to join the MERN side especially if you love javascript.

The Experience

It was a two day training for the employees for Xurpas, the first session is how to develop Rest API's using Node JS with Express and TypeORM, I have demonstrated how to use the typeorm cli to generate a typeorm application, I also introduced other tools that would be helpful in development and testing such as Postman, Pm2, swagger and babel. We have slowly created the application using the proper standards on how to create a controller, routes, models or entities and middlewares and l have also demonstrated how to connect the Node js application in MongoDB Atlas and lastly I've showed the power of Pm2 on how to deploy and manage the zero to hero app we have developed. The second session tackles React with Next Js, we have developed a simple Crud application using React and Next Js to implement SSR or Server Side Rendering, we used Redux thunk pattern as their projects would be enterprise scaled, I've also demonstrated how to integrate the Rest API's we have developed on the first day in React using axios and for the finale, I've also demonstrated how to deploy the app using Now.

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