Project | 01
HMS Fuel Management System

A fuel management system application for HMS, IT was developed using Angular 7 with Nebular UI framework for frontend, Java Spring for backend and used Heroku Cloud for Test Server. 

This project is developed together with my freelance team and the total development duration was almost 7 months.

Project | 02
SkyLabs Website

Built using webflow content management system, a simple sing page website for our startup Skylabs.

Design is created by Rochelle Ciriaco

Website URL:

Project | 03
Entry Logger Library

An Npm Library for Angular 2+ applications, the functionality of the library is to record logs, errors and warnings on your angular application, It is developed with Firebase Cloud where all logs are stored.


Library URL:

Project | 04
Bounceback Donation Drive

A simple application that will manage donations of products and incoming request donations for a small community.

Tech Used: NodeJS with TypeORM, Express, Angular 9, MongoDB and Heroku


Website URL:

Project | 05
SPI Learning Platform 

An online Learning platform for St Peregrine Institute that allows students access tutorial videos online at the same time download videos offline on app, this is available on web and mobile platform (Android)

TechUsed: NodeJS and MongoDB, Express, Angular 9 for Web and Admin. Java Andorid for Mobile


Website URL: